We Had Disputes on Custody and Support Arrangements

Photo Wallpapers  Mini  Austin Mini Cabriolet Photo Austin Mini ...My wedding was absolutely gorgeous. I married my best friend, and all of our friends and family were there to celebrate with us. We were so in love, and we knew that nothing could tear us apart. That fairy tale lasted for nearly 15 years. We had three children, but we lost the love that had put us together in the first place. Neither one of us can really explain what happened, but we both knew we wanted more out of life. After agreeing to end our marriage, I contacted an austin tx divorce attorney because there were a few things that we needed to work out.

He loves his children very much, but he wanted to be able to state how much he would pay in child support every month. He also thought that it would be okay for our oldest son to live with him most of the year, and I would keep the girls.