Some People Just Don’t Want to Pay

I refuse to believe that anyone out there enjoys going to court. I’ve come to loathe every moment that I have had to spend in court this past year because of a contract dispute with my boss. He has done everything that he can short of snuffing me to get out of paying what he owes me but I refuse to let him go. I’m a rabid dog biting at his heels. Well, my lawyer is anyway. Thanks to his no win no fee agreements policy, which is the only reason I even hired the guy, I’m hopeful that things will turn out all right.

It’s been rough lately. That’s an understatement: things have been miserable. This guy, the one I have the contract with, owes me something in the ballpark of nearly $50,000 for remodeling his home. Apparently he is trying to claim that one of the windows was broken during the work which somehow, in his mind, voids the entire contract because we didn’t ‘provide services as expected and agreed upon’ whatever that means. We did everything that this guy wanted. Each one of my workers bent over backwards for this individual who has been nothing but incredibly rude to us.

It’s going to be a long and bitter fight, that I can already tell. He’s been hiring multiple lawyers, even trying to get an entire team at some hot shot firm to take us on: I hope they laughed in his face. This case isn’t that kind of money but he seems to really believe that he will be able to get away with not paying my guys and I. This is the first time that I’ve ever experienced a client attempting to back out of a contract and the fact that it was this huge of one makes me nervous about signing on more.