Redesigning Medical Products with Smarter Engineering

Inherent risks are a part of adopting any new technology – especially that technology which is found in the medical industry. It is not uncommon to see patients willing to adopt technology that is still considered to be experimental which could cause further health complications. The promise of getting well or making their life easier without further suffering, however, is a strong pull. When my grandfather began to use the GranuFlo dialysis machine, he began to experience heart complications. Thankfully a dialysis lawsuit has been filed due to so many patients coming forward with side effects which have been found to be more common than what had been originally projected by the company. It’s terrible that a company whose intentions may have been originally for the good of those patients they would inevitably end up helping were instead lost beneath the grime of poorly designed clinical trials which has resulted in the death of many patients using their machines.

I do not want to see anyone further injured from these machines, even if they are being used to help other patients who may not have yet to experience this kind of injury. Sometimes it is far better to remove a potentially dangerous technology from the markert and allow the company to revise their engineering techniques in order to improve upon the model. It’s rare to find a company that is going to fall into ruins after they are hit with a lawsuit of this caliber, as they are more or less prepared for this to occur. They have insurance to help mitigate the financial damage against them while also, from what I have heard, develop investments just for this. To me this seems a poor way to punish a corporate entity from making the same mistakes again but it is the system in which we work within.