Preserving the Consumer As Well As Technology

As a country which embraces progress and new technology, we are in danger from allowing this same technology to either grow out of control or to be stifled to such a degree that we will fall far behind other nations who have opted a more tech friendly to research and development. With birth control technology taking leaps and bounds forward, it is unsurprising to see a mirena iud recall being issued as lawsuits are filed against the company for the faulty nature of a product which has caused documented health risks to those whom are using the implant. It is recalls like this one which are going to help define how we approach policy making and the protocols which will be put in place to keep consumers safe. As we focus on keeping consumers safe we should also consider how to best approach advancing technology without allowing it to become far too dangerous or moving beyond the reach of human control.

It is certainly a delicate balance between the two, progress and safety, and yet it can be done. With the current politicians that are in office as well as those who are overseeing the departments which impact such decisions, being part of a generation that has not grown with technology like those of our generation have, I feel there is a fundamental failure on their part to enact the kind of policy as I have described it. With younger and more technologically intuitive individuals are elected into office I am confident that we will be able to create lasting and effective reforms which will completely change the way we approach our technology. For me, it cannot come soon enough as I grow weary of these old men creating policy for a generation that is, honestly, quite beyond their understanding.