Our Daughter Was Bitten by a Dog

When my daughter was bitten by a neighbor’s dog, I knew that we were going to have trouble. The dog actually caused a lot of damage to my daughter’s face and arms, and I knew that she was in for a few surgeries at least. The neighbor was never friendly toward us, so we knew that she would not claim responsibility for her dog’s actions. Sadly enough, I was right. I did not let that delay my daughter from having the first surgery she needed, nor did I let it stop me from hiring a Los Angles personal injury attorney.

I never thought I would need a lawyer other than for the will my husband and I had drawn up. We contacted that lawyer, but he said personal injury is not in his area of expertise. He did refer us to an associate of his though, and we were able to get an appointment fairly quickly. We knew from setting up the appointment what information we needed to bring with us, which was a relief because we would not have thought of everything that was requested. Because we had it, the attorney that we did hire that day was able to get started on our daughter’s case right away.

It is awful having to enter into the legal arena with someone who lives just next door, but it was our only hope of getting resolution to what had happened. Our daughter is going to be scarred for life, both physically as well as mentally. She used to love dogs, but now they scare her. She has become withdrawn, and we are just glad that her therapist is making strides finally with her. Dog bites can be very serious, and I am really glad that we were able to find the right attorney who is going to make sure our little girl is taken care of.