Justice in Large Legal Cases

I have been musing about the justice system for a bit now, I think that it was triggered when I was contacted earlier about an injury that I had sustained. The person contacting me worked for a mass tort lead generation service, I believe, and they were trying to find clients to represent in a pending legal case that would potentially cover a large number of people who had been injured as a result of a product. It got me to wonder though, and I wonder how often people actually get served justice when they are a part of such large legal proceedings. I guess that it is really a subjective sort of thing. Maybe that is a deflating blow to the justice system, when it seems so obvious that whether justice can be served really depends on your perspective.

But I am pretty serious about this viewpoint. After all, who can really determine if they have been justly compensated for an injury, other than the injured party in question? If money does help ease their pain, or if it helps them forget about it, then I would say that is justice. But for some, it probably seems like a slap in the face. Granted, most people are going to want the money anyway, and I am thinking about joining this legal case, but I haven’t quite made up my mind yet.

I guess I am mostly just curious in how settlements or awards determined by a judge, are decided upon in a case. How do you measure how much a person should be compensated for physical injury? I think that question becomes even more cloudy when you take into account emotional distress and the like. And frankly, emotional distress is much more damaging to a person in my mind than anything else.