Just Got out of the Hospital

Of course I am lucky to have had as good of insurance as I did, but it did not come close to covering all of the problems which I have had since that truck t boned my old car. I came out ahead on that front, because my car was probably on it’s last legs and I ended up getting more that it was really worth I would guess.At the same time I have missed more than a month of work and the insurance only covers four fifths of my medical bill. A Sacramento auto injury attorney sent some guy up here to talk to me, he claimed that he was going to sue the company that employed the driver of the truck and make every little thing right. Of course when I asked how much of the settlement they were going to get, the guy started to double talk me. I do not know how much they are allowed to take, but I do not plan on splitting the settlement with them. That does not make any sense for me. I want to come out even most of all. It makes no sense for me to split the money that is owed to me, a lawyer just is not going to make the other insurance company pay twice as much as I am due. So if he wants to work the case, then he is going to have to be more reasonable than that would be. It has to be something where I still get all that I am due and then he can take a fee that is not going to cut into that. If it does not work that way, then I can manage to get a good enough settlement on my own. I am not that far off right now in fact.