Just Finally Got the Settlement Money

It took me awhile, but I finally got the first installment of the settlement I made with that insurance company. I was out of work for about a month and a half, so I was really hurting for cash. Still I was not going to back off. I never hired a denver injury attorney, but I talked to one and I picked out the meanest one that I could locate. Maybe he was not that threatening, but I was hoping those insurance company lawyers would figure him for a piranha. Of course I told them how things would shake out in the end and they could not really argue. They could fight me as long as they wanted, but I would win in the end. They were responsible for making things right. Of course the insurance company would end up paying their lawyers and I would end up paying my lawyer, so it was going to cost them a lot more and I would probably end up with less money.

It was lucky for me that my Mom really figured out the numbers for me and helped me negotiate with them. She is a pretty tough lady to try to take advantage of and at some point they figured out that we were not going to cave. I would have loved to have gotten everything at once, but instead they paid all of the bills and then they gave me some cash to make up for the lost earnings. The next payment is in five years, then there will be a second one in ten years, a third one in 15 years and the last payment when I am 44 in two decades from now. I wonder if my Mom is not doing that on purpose, because I would likely blow it if I had it.