Improving Birth Control Technology for All Women

As birth control technology continues to improve it is only going to be natural that some of the technology will have the unfortunate side effect of creating potential health hazards for those that use them. Even with the knowledge of these side effects bring brought to the FCC, it is not uncommon that they will be allowed to continue forward into the public’s hands. This is why the trans vaginal mesh lawsuit is so disconcerting – there have been reports of the mesh being found in the abdominal cavity without having perforated the uterus which is an entirely separate issue which has arisen as of late. There has been no documentation of this happening in clinical trials. My girlfriend has been using the vaginal mesh implant for a significant period of time since she was not willing to allow herself to succumb to the side effects of traditional birth control that she had been using for years.

Most women are eager to avoid those side effects. With weight gain, acne and other hormonal-related issues being common, it can be tiring for a woman to cope with them once a month. Yet, it is still a good sign that we are focusing on technology that is slowly beginning to improve the quality of lives for those women who are willing to take the step forward to be those progressives who are leading humans forward, even in this small way, by adopting new technologies despite the inherent dangers that are associated with any sort of truly untested tech. This is not going to be the first lawsuit of this kind that we will see in courts and I imagine that after the settlement is paid out, those companies involved will do what they can in order to enhance the tech and remove these kinds of issues.