Class Action Lawsuits and You

As the risperdal class action lawsuit makes headlines, it is exposing many of us who are watching it unfold on blogs and forums to the world of clinical trials, pharmaceutical methodology and how R&D functions. I am always amazed by the sheer number of side effects that a medication is capable of having while being able to find approval from the Federal Drug Administration. With death being a possible side effect for many drugs, it makes you wonder how exactly that is even capable of being approved ‘safe’ for human consumption. Not that I necessarily want the FDA to become a nanny organization preventing me from being capable of taking the medications that I might need to live. I mean, sure, I would probably take something that might kill me if it also might save me, depending on the odds. But there are drugs on the market that are for allergies which could potentially cause liver issues. To which I have to say: What?

Risperdal is just one of another batch of drugs that cause weird side effects. Risperdal has been known to cause breast tissue to form and develop within young boys and men – as you can imagine, they are distraught to find breasts where there were none before. It is one of the more strange effects of a drug that I have heard which is definitely a good cause for a lawsuit, if you ask me. I can’t even begin to imagine the level of embarrassment many of these guys have to feel to stand there in court with a hand to their breast – I wonder how they are presenting the evidence to the courts? Let’s hope that these guys get what they deserve because they have been given a short end of a pretty short stick.